Privacy first PDF editor

PDFLizard is a privacy first PDF editor. Merge PDFs, split PDFs, convert images to PDFs, add watermarks and manipulate PDF files right in your browser.

We don't store, retain or log your PDF files. All file manipulation is done in realtime in your browser. Your files might contain sensitive information and they should remain private.

PDF editor features

Merge PDFsSplit PDFsImages to PDFWatermark PDFs (coming soon)

Why PDFLizard?

PDFLizard initially started as a small tool to merge PDFs locally. Merging them locally guaranteed that the files were not exposed on the web. Those PDFs contained health insurance information and exposing them would be a bad idea.

Being skeptical of other online services inspired us to build PDFLizard. The goal is to provide a great user experience while maintaining your privacy and security.

We minimize data collection, do not store your files and only log the least amount of information to triage issues and resolve bugs.